true slytherin

Back from PAX

Hi, back from PAX.  Oh my god it was the best convention I went to of the three I attended this year.  Definitely going to go back next year.

Like all our PAX goers, I go swag.  Two bags fulls of swag, mostly posters, prints and business cards.  Signed up for betas and some cool looking MMOs.  Actually, when the asked me if I had any questions about the games, I in turned asked what they were looking for in artists and such for like a job.  Seriously, I was mostly interesting in jobs.  I mean, come on, you're a huge gaming convention with hundreds of job prospects, it's definitely worth asking whether or not a company is hiring, or even getting your portfolio reviewed by them so they can tell you what's good and what else they would like to see.  Totally going to have portfolio ready by next year so that I can job hunt.

Oh, and I bought the Red vs Blue: Blood Gulch Chronicles box set.  Major sweetness, right there.

Hate feeling sick

Went home after work.  Was feeling gross.  Damn, I hate missing class, but it was either skip or run out every five minutes to go to the restroom.

At least this way I don't have to explain anything.


So, there was a bug a salad I made today and it was ALIVE.  It was really, really gross.

It was all grey and crawly and ergh!